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International Literacy Day (ILD) was first recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1967. The purpose of the day serves as a reminder that the ability to read and write is important while challenging everyone with the task and effort to help increase literacy rates.

Although traditional learning has become more technology-based since the 2020 pandemic, schools and organizations have always been creative with how they provide quality education. Sports is one of those creative learning approaches.

Sports development has proven to teach certain life skills. When combined with educational efforts, a mindset shift occurs. As a result, sports, technology, and education have been blended to improve learning around the world.

Here are five organizations in Liberia that are transforming learning spaces by incorporating sports and technology.

LEAD Monrovia Football Academy

GTL first heard about Monrovia Football Academy (MFA) in 2017. At the time the institution only had three grades, 29 boys, and 19 girls enrolled. To date, MFA has grades 3-10 and an enrollment of 161 student-athletes: 98 boys and 63 girls. According to the website, MFA plans to add one grade of approximately 20-25 students each year until the academy reaches the 12th grade.

Founded in 2015 as Liberia’s first school to combine “high quality education with elite football training,” MFA is the flagship of a growing global network. The academy offers a weekly computer literacy class as well.

Rebound Liberia


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In 2019, three young ladies won an award from their university to start a women’s empowerment program in Liberia. Since then, Rebound Liberia has used basketball and personal development to empower, grow, and impact over 100 young ladies each year.

The program includes academic enrichment, college and career readiness as well as computer literacy through its annual events: (1) LeadHers Development Program (2) Rebound Liberia Classic – Basketball Tournaments (3) Rebound Liberia Academy.

Anything is Everything

A nonprofit focused on Liberia and Oakland, California, Anything is Everything (AIE) seeks to make an impact through educational opportunities, mentorship, and sports. AIE’s website describes its long-term strategy of opening an academy that will provide an all around program inclusive of education, IT, and sports in 2025.

AIE’s after school program is possible through Mother’s Pride Academy, a local junior high school located in Paynesville, Liberia.

Nation One Academy


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Nation One Academy (NOA) was established in 2016 as a driver in reducing poverty and fostering sustainability through education, sports and character development. Its academic program not only  teaches basic learning skills but also collaboration, research, and technology through computer science education. NOA even offers mentorship through three-month internship opportunities with leaders in both the private and public sectors.

Through NOA’s network, outstanding players have the opportunity to receive scholarships to study and play abroad.

Loop Academies


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Although it’s not a sports program, Loop Academies is the latest digital learning space in Liberia.

Located on Gurley Street and UN Drive, Loop is transforming and reimagining secondary education. Its learning model is centered around the student to provide a holistic education through focused project based learning, vocational and digital skills, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Whether students decide to pursue higher education or enter the workforce, Loop’s goal is to provide 21st century skills to thrive in an ever-changing, technology driven world.

Celebrating World Literacy Day

Unsure of how to participate? Here are a few things anyone can do to celebrate International Literacy Day.

  • Donate to one of the named organizations.
  • Partner or become a sponsor.
  • Volunteer at a school or tutor a child.
  • Read a book with students.

Each organization offers a unique experience that will continue to transform Liberia’s literacy learning spaces. There remains our hope for the future.

GTL wishes everyone a Happy International Literacy Day. Make sure to follow these organizations on social media @leadmfa @reboundliberia @anything.is.everything @nationoneacademy @loop.academies.