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Sports United Project

OBJECTIVE: Go Team Liberia launched the Sports United Project to offer support and resources to Liberian-based athletes and cultivate various sports within the country. 

HOW IT WORKS: GTL connects with sports federations in Liberia through the Sports United Project. We assess what each federation needs to cultivate strong athletes within the country. Then we set specific goals and create a strategic plan and timeline to reach each goal.

HOW WE MEASURE OUR SUCCESS: Our success is based on how many goals we achieve, with the ultimate goal being how many Olympians or qualified international athletes we create.


  1. Partnership: secure a partnership agreement with the Liberian sports federation.
  2. Assessment: fill out an assessment of the federation’s operations.
  3. Goals: talk with federation to establish feasible goals.
  4. Action Plan: create a strategic plan to help the federation obtain the agreed upon goals.


  • Promote and educate the community about various sports.
  • Work with federations and the sports community to identify athletes with elite potential.
  • Seek out resources to sponsor qualified athletes.
  • Share the journey of each organization and athlete enrolled in the program through a series of videos and stories.
  • Maintain a transparent funding site where supporters can see their contributions at work.
  • Hold partner federation accountable for the sports it governs.