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Today, Jan. 22, Liberia celebrates the inauguration of its newly elected president, His Excellency Joseph Nyumah Boakai. This ushers in a new era on the political landscape. As the country welcomes the new administration, it’s the perfect time to recognize the governing bodies and recently appointed leaders of some sports federations in Liberia.

The purpose of a sports federation

National sports federations are non-governmental organizations recognized as administrators at the national level. They authorize participation in national and international events relevant to their sports discipline. Each federation is the governing body responsible for development, governance, and logistics. The federations also collaborate with the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) to qualify athletes and national teams to compete at the international level and the Olympics.

Liberia’s sports federations

Federations in Liberia host elections to determine who will serve on the governing body as the executive board. Each federation must be in good standing with its international sports organization in order to license athletes to compete outside of Liberia. Unfortunately, in some cases due to conflicts or other matters, timely elections fail to happen. However, progress is being made that will bring about positive change harnessing the transformative power of athletics to unite the nation and inspire future generations.

The most recent federation election occurred on Jan. 13 by the Liberia Tennis Federation (LTF), the first election since 2014. The new LTF leadership will maintain the position for a period of two years with hopes to restore the sport.


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In 2023, Master Junior Pewee Russian was elected as president of the Liberia Taekwondo Federation. Since he came into leadership, he has restored the national competition, initiated youth development, and even participated in the 2024 inaugural clean up campaign

Another consistent election to note is the Liberia Football Association which successfully held elections in 2018 and reelected Mustapha Raji in 2022. Raji’s impact has elevated more women into leadership roles as club presidents, coaches, and referees. 

Under the Sports United Project, more federation presidents have the opportunity to partner with GTL 

Future of sports in Liberia

Liberia hasn’t publicly announced the new Minister of Youth and Sports, but we anticipate their arrival. Once appointed, Liberians will look to this official for fresh ideas and new initiatives. The intersection of politics and sports promises to play a pivotal role in shaping Liberia’s future. The sports sector holds immense potential for societal growth and cohesion. The vision for a vibrant and successful Liberia through sports leadership is poised to exceed expectations. 

As GTL looks ahead to the 2024 Olympic Games and other international competitions, we maintain a positive outlook on the direction of sports federation leadership in Liberia.