Go Team Liberia is proud to announce that on January 1, 2023, it signed a partnership agreement with several Liberian sports federations under its Sports United project.

Sports can change lives. It provides opportunities for people to improve their health, learn discipline, and experience teamwork. But the benefits don’t stop there.

People who have exceptional athletic skills can go as far as using sports to represent and unite their country. So, it’s with extreme pleasure and excitement that GTL launches this program.

“We’re excited to officially announce this program,” executive program director Manseen Logan said. “I believe there are lots of athletic talent in Liberia and with the right resources these athletes can become the best in the world.”

These partnerships will focus on working with various stakeholders. Some of these stakeholders include federation officials, business owners, nonprofits, renowned athletes, fans, influencers and others who want to see Liberian athletes succeed.

Currently two Liberian federations have started the partnership: Liberia Taekwondo Federation and Liberia Wrestling Federation.

In order to support elite Liberian competitors in a transparent and ethical way the Sports United project is operating under 6 actionable items.

Sports United 2023

  • Promote and educate the community about various sports.
  • Work with federations and the sports community to identify athletes with elite potential.
  • Seek out resources to sponsor qualified athletes.
  • Share the journey of each organization and athlete enrolled in the program through a series of videos and stories.
  • Maintain a transparent funding site where supporters can see their contributions at work
  • Hold partner federation accountable for the sports it governs.

“I’m most excited for all of the young athletes that we are going to cross paths with and who we’re going to help achieve their athletic goals,” assistant program director Madeah Addy said. “I want people to know we’re here for them and I hope this program finds the next No. 1 athlete in the world.”

Follow Go Team Liberia’s website and social media as it introduces the federation partners and their athletes. Also visit the Sports United page to stay updated on the project.