Tokyo 2020 is officially underway and sports fans couldn’t be more ready to watch Liberia race. This year, Liberia has three sprinters competing in four different events. Ebony Morrison will represent Liberia in the first round of the women’s 100 meters hurdles, on Saturday July 31 (local date). Emmanuel Matadi competes in the men’s 100 meters first round match, on the same day. Lastly, both Matadi and Joseph Fahnbulleh will take to the track for round one of the 200 meters race, on Tuesday Aug. 3 (local date).

Japan is nine hours ahead of Liberia and 13 hours ahead of the Eastern United States, but Liberians live all over the world. The time difference makes it a bit difficult to keep up, but that is why Go Team Liberia is here. Make sure to convert the time and check out the details below if you want to watch Liberia race live. If you miss it, no worries. You can always catch the recordings.

When to watch round one in Liberia

Since Liberia is nine hours behind Tokyo, local spectators should plan to catch all live matches much earlier than the time posted on the Tokyo Olympic website. Below are the round-one dates and times for those watching in Liberia.

Sat July 31

  • 1:45 am – 2:17 am GMT — Women’s 100mH
  • 10:45 am – 11:09 am GMT — Men’s 100m

Tues August 3

  • 2:05 am – 2:53 am GMT — Men’s 200m

When to watch round one in the US

The U.S. is even further behind Japan’s timezone, which pushes some races up an entire day. Pay attention to the actual date that you can watch the live races if you are living in the Eastern United States.

Fri July 30

  • 9:45 pm – 10:17 pm EST — Women’s 100mH

Sat July 31

  • 6:45 am – 7:09 am EST — Men’s 100m

Mon August 2

  • 10:05 am – 10:53 am EST — Men’s 200m

Where to watch Liberia race

NBC is the largest Olympic rights holder. The American broadcast television and radio network offers many options for viewers to watch the Games. Additionally, The IOC has an extensive list of broadcasters from around the world. People living in Liberia can watch live Olympic coverage on Supersport or TV5 Monde. Also, supporters can can choose from several streaming apps that bring the races right to a mobile or digital device. Since Team Liberia is competing consecutively , signing up for a free streaming trial would be the most cost effective route.

FuboTV – 7 day free trial

Hulu Plus Live TV – 7 day free trial

Peacock Premium – 7 day free trial

YouTube TV – 14 day free trial

We hope this guide helps. For more information about Team Liberia’s competition time, click here