As Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia celebrates 174 years of independence. Established on July 26, 1847, we recognize the inception of our land has many narrators. Before the area was named Liberia , there were at least 16 indigenous groups inhabiting it. In modern-day Liberia, all ethnic groups are spread across 15 counties that each carry a unique flag. This diversity is one of the country’s best attributes.

There is nothing more beautiful than taking control of the narrative and telling your own story. That is what we do here at Go Team Liberia. In celebration of our story, here are five facts about our beloved Mama Liberia’s flag

“Until the Lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter.”

– J. Nozipo Maraire

1. When did Liberia create its flag?

On August 24, 1847 Liberia adopted the design of its flag. Every year, that day is celebrated as Flag Day.

2. Who designed Liberia’s flag?

Seven women, all born in America, sewed the Lone Star. They are: Susannah Waring Lewis (committee chairwoman), Sarah Draper,  Mary Hunter, Rachel Johnson, J. B. Russwurm, Matilda Spencer Newport, Collinette Teage.

3. Why does it look like the U.S. flag?

While many note the close relation to the United States flag, the three colors chosen symbolize the three original counties: Grand Bassa, Montserrado, and Sinoe.

4. What does the flag represent?

Eleven stripes represent the signers of the Liberian Declaration of Independence. The red stripes symbolize valor and bravery. The white stripes represent purity. The dark blue canton in the upper left corner stands for fidelity and the continent of Africa. A five-pointed star inside the blue background represents Liberia itself, the first independent country on the continent of Africa.

5. When did the world recognize Liberia?

The United Kingdom was the first to recognize Liberia as a country. It was not until 1862 that America would finally do the same.

Everything that we do here at GTL is for the love of our country. May Liberia continue to rise. Enjoy this glorious day, but remember, never let the Lone Star touch the ground!

“In Union Strong, Success is Sure…We Cannot Fail”

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