Featured image, ‘LIB Lion’ album cover

On July 16, 2021, Go Team Liberia (GTL) launched a seven-day countdown to the Olympic Opening Ceremony. The countdown is part of a larger campaign that celebrates GTL’s official media partnership with the Liberia Olympic Team. The celebration asks supporters to “follow the flame to Tokyo” where the 2020 Olympics is taking place from July 23, 2021 to Aug 8, 2021. Altogether, GTL created a sports anthem, an exclusive celebratory drink, social media contests, featured prizes, and sponsored giveaways. Creative director Diamond Black organized and led the campaign for the organization.

About the Tokyo 2020 Team Liberia anthem

“LIB Lion” is a sports anthem that GTL created exclusively for the Liberia Olympic Team. The song celebrates Liberia and all Liberian athletes. The organization collaborated with a 100 percent Liberian-made team. Grammy-winning music producer Ace Harris, Grammy-nominated songwriter and artist Cyrus DeShield, and celebrated musicians Faithvonic, MC Caro, Nuchie Meek, and 2C make up the team. GTL paired the song with video interviews and sports reels featuring Liberian athletes. Since its release, Liberians have spread the song across social media in support of the team. The anthem is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Our official cocktail for the 2020 Liberia Olympic Team

After the anthem, GTL released its official celebratory drink created by award-winning Liberian bartender Keyatta Mincey Parker. Grey Goose sponsored the ‘LIB Lion’ drink, which Parker curated with specific flavors noted to Liberia because she wanted to make the drink as accessible as possible. The Vodka-based cocktail includes mango, lemon juice, and lemongrass simple syrup. Its first public debut took place in Monrovia, Liberia at Fuzion D’Afrique restaurant. That’s where Royda Urey from Philimena.com hosted the official Opening Ceremony watch party, while adhering to all COVID-safety guidelines in Liberia.

Additionally, GTL launched the LIB Lion #cheerchallenge. In order to participate, first, GTL followers must recreate the LIB Lion cocktail. Then they should take a picture or video of the drink and make a toast to the Liberia Olympic Team. Next, use #GreyGooseLiberia to enter the toast into the contest. Winners will be announced after the Closing Ceremony and receive a special gift from the GTL sponsors.

LIB Lion cocktail. 2020 Liberia Olympic Team official drink.
Photo credit: Royda Urey Philimena.com. LIB Lion Cocktail made at Fuzion D’Afrique restaurant in Liberia.

Contest, prizes, and sponsors

Throughout the Olympics, GTL will continue posting daily trivia about sports and fun facts related to all things Liberia. Participants who engage with the page by answering all three trivia questions, leaving a flame, and ultimately following GTL will gain one entry for the big giveaway. The prize box includes GTL swag, and items from our giveaway sponsors: Telfar, Grey Goose, and African skincare brand Runako. Also Engage Community Services, a Liberian-owned home and community based service (hcbs) company, located in Minnesota, sponsored the prize boxes as well.

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