Featured image from WNBA Atlanta Dream.

When it comes to  exceptional Liberian athletes, Matee Ajavon stands out. Her athletic skills took her to the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), in the US. This same talent placed her on several teams around the world. On the other hand, her acute business acumen molded her into a serial entrepreneur. Talent and career aside, Ajavon should stand out as an inspiration to young athletes. Especially young Liberian female athletes. Because she is one.

Back when less than .0003% of high school basketball players made it to the WNBA, Ajavon already had 6 years in the league. The Houston Comets drafted her in 2008 and the rest is history. She’s gone on to play for Washington, Atlanta and several international teams with a WNBA career that spans over 300 games. In addition to these impressive stats, Ajavon branched into several other industries—clothing, music and coaching among others.

She doesn’t shy away from her roots, she grinds towards success, and constantly challenges the odds. It only makes sense that she’d turn her odd-defying character into a business that helps others do the same—AjavonElite Basketball Training. AjavonElite has several programs that focus on developing basketball players.

Train. Motivate. Succeed.

One program  focuses solely on female high school athletes aspiring to play college basketball. Another highlights various trainings and international tours. With a mission to make good players great, Ajavon has created an inspiring business. A business that also gives female athletes better chances at scholarships. Not bad for a Jersey girl who left Liberia at 6 years old. Not bad at all.

You can follow Matee Ajavon on social media at @ajavon2you2. Also, follow AjavonElite Basketball Training at @ajavonelite. Thank you for making us proud, Matee.