Featured image from Coach Lex’s Facebook page

Alexander Reeves is the Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) assistant wrestling coach. Almost everyone calls him Coach Lex. He’s also a Liberian born in the US. This combination immediately attracted him to the Liberia wrestling team. After reading their story on Go Team Liberia, Coach Lex took action. He contacted the team, assessed their needs, and launched a campaign on Gofundme to help.

“I’m a very ambitious person, so if I’m going to try to help, it’s going to be in a large way,” he tells Go Team Liberia.

Indeed, Coach Lex has a large goal. $50,000(usd). First, he wants to get the seven-member team to the 2019 African Championship. The competition will take place in Tunisia from March 26-31. Next, Coach Lex wants to use his contacts to ship wrestling mats to Liberia. “I’ve made some strong connections in my time [in wrestling],” Coach Lex shares. He plans to leverage these contacts  made throughout his 11 year wrestling career. Lastly, Coach Lex wants to jumpstart his wrestling foundation for Liberia.

“I’ve always wanted to develop wrestling in Liberia, ever since I started wrestling,” he says.

Coach Lex would like his future organization to sponsor or partner with the Liberia Wrestling Federation. He even plans to establish a facility in Liberia for the wrestlers. Currently, Coach Lex has discussed the future facility with a relative, who lives in Liberia. With all these plans, he’s reached out to his community for help.

“We all have something that we can bring to the table to help our country grow and progress. We can’t be afraid to take the initiative. If we don’t do it, who will?” he concludes.

Thanks for taking the initiative, Coach Lex. Those wanting to help Coach Lex and the Liberia wrestling team, click here.