Featured Image from Freddy Kiwitt

Liberian-German boxer Freddy Kiwitt just took home the World Boxing Organization (WBO) European Welterweight Title. This guarantees him a spot among the top 15 ranked fighters in his weight class. It also means Liberia has a contender for the WBO World Title.

There was no holding back, during Friday night’s fight. Both Kiwitt and Irish boxer Paddy Gallagher went round for round in the York Hall, London boxing ring. Kiwitt showed off his loose, yet strategic, style while Gallagher brawled his way through. In the end, both fighters went the distance.

During the bout, Kiwitt knocked Gallagher down twice. Once in the fifth round and again in the eighth. Gallagher tried to return those hits with his own powerful punches, but Kiwitt made that hard. He bobbed and weaved around the ring. In his corner, Kiwitt had retired Liberian boxer Lee Manuel Ossie. Liberian boxing fans should recognize Ossie. Afterall, he was the 2005 African Boxing Union Heavyweight Champion. During each break, he coached Kiwitt with quick instructions. After the tenth and final round, judges awarded the fight to “Pretty Boy” Kiwitt. He won by a majority decision.

Freddy Kiwitt with European Welterweight Belt

Team Kiwitt pose in front of Liberian flag (courtesy of Wade).

Freddy Kiwitt with LBA president

Pres.Wade and Kiwitt pose for photo (courtesy of Wade).

With his first title under his belt, Kiwitt has his eyes set on Africa. He already mentioned pursuing the African title. He also wants to host a match in his birth country — Liberia. As Liberia’s boxing ambassador, Kiwitt promotes the country to the world. After, his hard-earned victory, he posed in front of the Liberian flag with his team. Liberia Boxing Association President Jonathan Wade also posed for photos with the champion.

“I had a lot to fight for as well and I’m very pleased with the result and I got my first belt I can take home,” Kiwitt said.

Congrats to Freddy Kiwitt. Keep making your family and country proud. We are watching and cheering. View the fight below.