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GoTeamLiberia.com has added a new resource for professional Liberian athletes, a Sports Federations page. The sports federations page lists every Liberian registered sports federation. In most cases, athletes must go through the sports federation or Olympic/Paralympic committee to represent the country internationally.


  • Federation Contact Info
  • Link to International Sports Federation
  • Link to Tournament/Olympic Qualification Schedule
  • Para Sports Development Guide

Each national sports federation has registered their contact info with an international governing body. GoTeamLiberia.com has collected that information and listed it in one place. Please note the information is subject to change. Each national federation link takes users to the international sports webpage. There, athletes can stay updated on what’s new regarding their sport globally.

Athletes can also link to international tournaments and Olympic qualifier matches. This part is the most important. Before competing in the Olympics or Paralympics, athletes must qualify though a series of specific matches and meet or exceed qualifying standards.

The new page gives brief instructions on who to contact, if there is no national sports federation for a specific sport. Para sport development is listed on the page as well. GoTeamLiberia.com hopes this new resource will provide athletes better information and add more transparency to sports development in Liberia. After all, when done right, sports can change lives.

Please visit the Sports Federations page. To update or correct information, please contact us here.