Featured image from Akoi Flomo’s Facebook Page

Last year, CNN Africa featured Liberian golfer Akoi Flomo in their African Voices documentary. The young professional golfer flexed his skills on the course and shared his golf story, which began at 7 years-old. Flomo learned the game from his dad and acted as a young caddie for his father and his father’s golfing buddies. Since then, he has grown into a budding sensation, winning the 2010 West African Amateur Golf Championship in Nigeria and representing Liberia around the world.

In CNN Africa’s documentary, Flomo mentions the difficulty he’s had trying to promote golf in a football nation, but he is determined to establish a stronger support for the sport in Liberia.

“Every competition I win, I carry the trophy to the Ministry so they can see; and I tell them, ‘this is what we do in Liberia.'” -Akoi Flomo

LIB Olympic Blog asked Flomo a few questions. Here are some fun facts about the man who is trying to spread golf in Liberia.

(1) Tiger Woods inspires Flomo to golf.

(2) Flomo practices five times a week.

(3) Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy is Flomo’s favorite golfer based on his golfing style.

(4) Ricks Keller is Flomo’s favorite Liberian golfer.

(5) Flomo’s favorite golfing spot is Firestone-Harbel, Margibi county.

(6) Rice with Potato Greens is Flomo’s favorite dish.

Similar to most countries, golf is considered a sport for the wealthy, but Flomo proves that it doesn’t have to be. Although he faces many financial restraints, Flomo constantly seeks sponsorships to help him with golf equipment and other fees. He acknowledges the younger Liberians who want to learn golf, and plans to reach those future golfers. For now, Flomo wants to continue excelling and place Liberia on the “golf map.”

Without financial support and encouragement, Flomo cannot continue his golf journey. You can visit Flomo’s Go Team Liberia profile page and reach out to him on his social media to lend support and encouragement.