Images by Liberian Observer Online – Omari Jackson

The upcoming Liberian Football Association (LFA) presidential elections are set for Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 9am at the SKD Sports Complex. Three viable candidates have campaigned, debated and made their vision known for the future of Liberian football: Mustapha Raji, Musa Shannon, and George Solo.

Mustapha Raji is employed by Orange Liberia. He has served as a club president and managed LISCR FC and Gardnersville FC.
Musa Shannon is the current LFA vice president. He has played on Liberia’s national team and several international teams. He is also owner of Nana’s Lodge Beach Resort.
George Solo has played on several international football teams and is the current vice president of Nimba FC.

LIB Olympic Blog reached out to all candidates with five questions. LFA Vice President, Musa Shannon responded with the information below.

Shannon expressed his vision for LFA: “Commercialization to Professionalization: Redefining the Definition of Success.”  He further expressed finances and capacity as the biggest obstacles LFA faces.

“Under my administration and with the support of the executive committee, we will have to manage our resources better and recruit, as well as develop our human assets (LFA staff, coaches, referees, media, medics, youth players) to be better prepared to work in a professional sports environment and culture.” -Musa Shannon, LFA VP

Shannon, having played on the national team and serving as current LFA vice president  for the past eight years, explains why he wants to lead the LFA. He stated that he simply wants to repay his debt to football.  Shannon believes he is the best candidate because of his experience, education and an internationally proven track record throughout his professional life.

“I’m the end result [of] when the system works, and I want to make it work for the next generation.”

Aside from improving policies that aren’t working, Shannon states that under his leadership, he will continue with the things that have worked, but operate with a more professional approach to football development and management. He explains more in the video below.

Tomorrow marks a new beginning for the LFA’s next four years. Learn more about  candidates George Solo and Mustapha Raji in other online interviews. May the best candidate win!