Featured image: Olympic Rings; Original article published August 9, 2016

Training and competing in sports can be expensive, but the rewards far exceed the costs. Here are five Olympic sports that Liberians could dominate, with a little support and training. The Liberian Youth and Sports Ministry should consider investing in these activities.

1. Track & Field

The beauty of Track & Field is the numerous events composed of running, throwing, and jumping. Liberia has had competitors in the decathlon, 100m, 4x100m relay, 400m, and 400m hurdles; but none on the field.

If properly trained and supported, Liberia could definitely dominate these field events. Specifically, Shot Put or Discus throws, and Long or Triple jump. These four events require much strength and discipline but are attainable. Athlete’s have represented Liberia in these field events before, but with more training they just might make it to the Olympics.

2. Table Tennis

Hand and eye coordination is truly a gift. Couple these techniques with extensive training and dedication for growth towards attending the Olympics and Liberia could have an Olympic Table Tennis Team. Do you know what LNTTA stands for? No worries. Here is the answer: Liberian National Table Tennis Association. Yes, you read that correctly.

Liberia has a strong history in this sport. It is only right that it be revisited as a possible event for Liberian Olympic hopefuls.

3. Boxing

While a boxing ring is necessary, this sport is one that can be taught through strength and agility training. In 1988, Liberia sent four boxers to the Olympics. Reinvesting in the Liberian Boxing Association would give new Olympic hopefuls a chance to fight for our beloved Mama Liberia.

4. Weightlifting

Children of Liberia are familiar with pumping tire so adding weights should be a piece of cake to the already mastered move. Seriously, this is an event that Liberians have shown and proved its aptitude to excel in. Being that Liberia has had representation in the Paralympics, we are confident that domination is eventual with the proper support.

5. Rowing

Liberia has never had a rowing team, but there is so much opportunity in this event. Being on the West Coast of Africa, access to the water is immeasurable. Technique and talent with extensive training could potentially send representation to Tokyo 2020.

We wholeheartedly believe that Liberia is more than capable of dominating at the Olympic games. Join the discussion. What sports do you think the youth and young adults of Liberia could rise to new heights in?