Today is a great day for Liberian sports. After many requests, LIB Olympic Blog is granting readers more opportunities to follow and support their favorite Liberian athlete. The website was created as a hub for both athletes and fans.

LIB Olympic Blog is new and improved

We’ve always mentioned the long journey in between Olympic Games. Now, readers can follow that journey more closely and athletes can share their stories more frequently. This site has lots of neat features. For starters, each athlete has a unique profile. hosts profiles for professional athletes and amateurs who are within Olympic qualifying standards. Also, athletes are able to initiate fundraisers to get to competitions and train. The LIB Olympic Blog shop is another new feature and fun way to spread Team LIB spirit while helping to support the website. As always, LIB Olympic Blog continues to deliver and share the latest sports news and athlete highlights.

Please look around and enjoy the new site! Send us a message if you have any suggestions. Thanks.